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Following the restrictions dictated by the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19 and in compliance with the new ministerial provisions contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March 2020 from the Italian Government, we are to inform you that, except for new provisions, A.T.L.A.™ S.r.l. will remain closed until April the 13th, 2020. Email correspondence is guaranteed, via telework, for commercial, technical and administrative services. From Monday 06 April, pursuant to letter d) of the Prime Minister's Decree of 22 March 2020 and as per the communication sent to the Turin Prefecture our company will partially resume its activity.

Photovoltaic structures

A.T.L.A.™, which has specialized in the processing of sheet metal and metallic structural components for 25 years, decided to register its own specific brand name, A.T.L.A.™ Solar, for one of the world’s most important renewable energy sectors: Photovoltaics.

A.T.L.A.™ Solar designs and manufactures metallic structures for supporting photovoltaic panels, which produce electricity and heat.

Energy produced

1,227 kWh

Today’s production

1,068,640 kg

CO2 emissions avoided

438,611 L

Litres of oil saved


Number of trees saved

Solar Energy

The steel structures are designed to support photovoltaic energy production systems.

The project has been developed in compliance with the technical and structural calculations set forth by the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 14/01/2008, which ensures their suitability for use throughout Europe.

The project is specifically characterized by the fact that no cement is required for installation, thus preventing the pollution of the terrain and eliminating recovery costs: the main pole is driven directly into the ground using a mechanical device called a hydraulic pile driver. The design provides for a sturdy one or two-pole structure, that has a low environmental impact and can be quickly installed, upon which are crossbars with longitudinal purlins are mounted to support the photovoltaic panels.

Its modularity allows for the basic structure to be completed with various additional elements in order to create lengthy production lines, even dozens of meters long.

The structures, made from carbon steel, are hot dip galvanized to protect against environmental corrosion, a certified system which been used for decades in other external applications.

A.T.L.A.™ Solar Energy structures are suitable for both standard photovoltaic panels as well as for photovoltaic solar tracking systems.

Solar Car Parking

A.T.L.A.™ Solar Park shelters are metallic structures for car and van parking areas. They are designed to have photovoltaic panels installed on the roof for the production of electrical energy. The total investment is subject to the legal benefits deriving from the regulations currently in force in various countries. The structures are designed in two models: single-front (for two vehicles) and double-front (for four vehicles). With the use of various additional elements, the modularity of these structures allows for the creation of parking areas with optimized space usage, providing for maximum energy yield.

The project has been developed in compliance with the technical and structural calculations set forth by the European Directives and the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 14/01/2008, as well as with Italian Law 1086/71 and its subsequent amendments.


  • Single-Front Mbase = Single-front, for two motor vehicles
  • Single-Front Mplus = Single-front, for two motor vehicles - additional element
  • Double-Front Mbase = Double-front, for four motor vehicles
  • Double-Front Mplus = Double-front, for four motor vehicles - additional element

The structures are designed to allow for quick parking manoeuvres, in conditions of maximum safety. They are made from carbon steel and are hot dip galvanized to protect against environmental corrosion.

  • NAA (North Area Application) version, with inclines of up to 30°
  • SAA (South Area Application) version, with inclines ranging from 0° to 15°


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